Timeline of the History of Information:

These pages are devoted to representing significant ideas, people and events in the history of information. Information timelines can be constructed in different, historically interesting ways. For example, one approach to building an information timeline could detail significant events in the history of networking and communications. Another could focus on the sciences, people and ideas that produced the machinery for communications, computing and information processing. Another approach might trace the significant events in the individual, social and industrial forces driving adoption of information technologies and their uses and effects. Each approach, and there are countless others possible, adds to our understanding of what has persisted in this historical evolution and what value has been produced.

We will continue to add to this information history timeline, furthering our visual (animated) timeline, and developing a text version with greater detail. We will also add a catalog of links, ranging from technology museums online (history of communications and computers), to historical sites focused on the development of language, dictionaries and communications, and many others.