Welcome to the Global Information Industry Center (GIIC)

The Global Information Industry Center (GIIC) seeks to identify and describe through its research programs the underlying issues and consequences of technology enabled change in information and communications practices in government and industry, and those affecting individuals. The Center functions as a collaborative research and learning environment for faculty, industry professionals and students to engage in projects, discussion forums, and events focused on the major program areas of the Center.

The research program areas of the Center lie at the intersection of the global diffusion of information and communications technologies (ICT), the growth of information world-wide, and the evolving information practices in industry and government. GIIC’s three program areas cover first, the measurement of the diffusion of ICT, the build out of information and communications technologies worldwide. For example, the World Bank collects hundreds of indicators of ICT growth across many different industry sectors and maintains the data in databases available on their website.


The second program area covers key governmental practices in information policies affecting industry and individuals. For example, in the United States industries such as healthcare and financial services have been heavily impacted by disclosure, audit and compliance regulations over the last decade – how do evolving practices in the U.S. compare with other countries and trading partners of the US? GIIC’s third program area studies transnational (global) industries that operate across national boundaries, such as software development, or the manufacture of storage hardware.